About us

Deford is a subsidiary co. of M.I.S Readymade Garments Factory Ltd. with the goal of restoring the respect for tailoring that once defined luxury menswear and the love for those who covet it.

As trends have become more casual, we saw a need to create a brand for those that still dare to be extraordinary: those who dress not for the sake of conformity but for self-expression, those who command respect instead of seeking attention (as they know it will last longer), those who crave passion and the allure of seduction. The rebels. The creators. The lovers.

The definition of a well-dressed person today is very different than that of yesterdays. And, the direction of tomorrow is still ever-changing. We're designing a new standard that combines modern elegance and contemporary style for life's greatest occasions. With world-class craftsmanship, exceptional fabrics, and limited-run collections, Deford represents the perfect intersection of style, quality, and luxury.